Mexico City, Mexico

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It is estimated that approximately 15,000 children live on the streets of Mexico City. Many children are forced into such a lifestyle due to family disintegration and physical abuse, which are symptoms of poverty itself. Poverty in Mexico City may cause more stress at home which can lead to arguments, domestic violence, lowered morale and other forms of devastation.

Population Profile

City Proper

Proper Population:



1,499 sq km (579 sq mi)

Metropolitan Area

Metropolitan Area Population: 18,131,000
Description: Mexico City and 27 neighboring municipalities (second largest metropolitan area in the world)
Area: More than 2,330 sq km (900 sq mi)
World population rank : 2
Percentage of national population: 18.3%
Average yearly growth rate: 1.8%

Cure4Hunger is charted to build more than 175 Food and Water Domes in Mexico by 2025 to end hunger.