Mumbai, India

slide_3_mumbaiMumbai, India

More than half of Mumbai’s population now lives in slums, according to latest statistics from the World Bank (WB), one of the world’s largest financial institutions. While almost 54% of the metropolitan’s inhabitants live in shanties, another 25-30% live in chawls and on footpaths, with just 10-15% living in apartment buildings, bungalows or high-rises.

Population Profile

City Proper


Approximately 10 million

Area: Mumbai Island:

65 sq km (25 sq mi)

Metropolitan Area

Population: 18,042,000
Description: Area administered by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation or BMC)
Area: 437 sq km (170 sq mi)
World population rank: 3
Percentage of national population:: 1.8%
Average yearly growth rate: 3.5%

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