1. How Does Cure4Hunger work?

Cure4Hunger has incorporated five fully developed, proven technologies into one innovative, viable solution that will produce food 365 days per year in virtually any region or climate. We grow fruit and vegetable crops, fish and Fodder for local livestock, as well as plants, trees, spices, and flowers in climate-controlled, disaster-proof, energy and water-independent domes using automated, sustainable growing methods.

For every commercial food and water dome we build, we also build one charitable dome from C4H’s profits. Furthermore, profits from the commercial domes fully subsidize operation of the charitable domes, making it possible to freely give all food and water to those in need…for life.

2. Are Cure4Hunger’s methods sustainable?

Yes! C4H’s method uses one million times less water than traditional outdoor farming. Better still, 100% of necessary water is collected from the humidity in the dome’s atmosphere, saving the world trillions of gallons of water each year.

Because the domes are super-insulated and all equipment is energy efficient, they consume surprisingly little energy. All required energy is produced through sustainable means such as wind, solar and/or Cure4Hunger’s proprietary hybrid-energy system.

One acre of Food & Water Domes produce enough nutrient-dense food and water for 50,000+ people daily. Contrasted with traditional outdoor farming requiring 4,500 acres to yield the same amount of food, Cure4Hunger frees up vast amounts of land for other purposes. Cure4Hunger fish domes also reduce the burden on our oceans while providing local fresh fish daily, eliminating importing costs and the need to freeze.

3. What are the technologies Cure4Hunger employs?

1) Domes: Cure4Hunger has selected the structurally superior dome in which to house its food production. Our unique construction method results in domes that are able to withstand fire, hurricane, flood, earthquake, lightning, termites, corrosion, and bullets plus able to last thousands of years. Thousands of these domes currently exist around the world in more than 50 countries, exhibiting amazing disaster-resistant qualities.

2) Water Atmospheric Generators: C4H’s state-of-the-art atmospheric water generators harvest pure water from the surrounding air. With humidity as low as 30%, no outside water is necessary.

3) Gravity Gardens: Central to Cure4Hunger’s success is the Gravity Garden, an automated-growing apparatus that exploits the following critical principles:

a) Lumens Principle: sun-emulating light elements in the center of the gravity garden produce the ideal light intensity for each crop, greatly enhancing the growing cycle and quality of the produce.

b) Rotation: By rotating the cylinder at the proper rate, the plants are exercised while being more completely bathed in light, which further enhances the growing cycle and quality of the produce.

c) Nutrient Injection: The Gravity Garden injects a naturally special-formulated, nutrient solution directly to where the plant needs it most, the root system, which enhances the produce while dramatically reducing waste. C4H can replicate any soil in the world into 100% organic nutrient solution inside C4H Food Domes.

4. How long does it take to put together a working dome?

While a fully functional dome takes only months to construct, there will likely be a first-come-first-serve waiting list. Please consult your Cure4Hunger Ambassador for current scheduling status.

How many crops can you grow?
Each Acre (One 30,000 sf & 10,000 sf dome) produces enough food to feed 50,000 people 365 days a year.

5. How much land is each gravity garden equivalent too?

Each 5’x5’x6 C4H Gravity Garden is the equivalent of one acre or more of traditional, outdoor farmland depending on the crop.

6. How long will it last?

Cure4Hunger projects each dome’s useful life at 300 years. Domes last thousands of years (The Pantheon in Rome has sustained over 500 earthquakes registering 5.0 or higher the past 2,000 years. The new SafestHouse Domes invented in 1974 can last 2-3 times longer than the Pantheon)

7. How many people does it take to run a working dome?

3-30 depending on the size of dome (3,000 to 30,000 square feet)

8. How much does it cost?

Depending on size, crop or fish, fodder, tree, plant, flower range from $250,000 to $15M

9. What can you grow?

More than 5,000+ fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, plants, trees and flowers.

10. How can you make the claim that you can end world hunger?

As described elsewhere, our methods are sustainable and proven. With the help of our strategic partners, we project building 15,000 food and water domes in 150 countries by 2025. To make this possible, Cure4Hunger commits 90% of its profit from each commercial dome to build and operate a charitable dome. This commitment being mission critical is written into Cure4Hunger’s bylaws and cannot be modified…ever. Each charitable dome will feed 58,000 people. Therefore, 15,000 domes translates to 870 million people whom, together, we will liberate from food-insecurity.

11. Are you doing anything else to help people overcome poverty?

Yes! Supplying starving people with high quality, nutrient-dense food and pure drinking water is job #1. Once food insecurity eliminated, Cure4Hunger will begin building Dome Schools and Medical Center with profits from years 3-5 of this decade project. Years 6-10 one of C4H Technology Partners (www.SafestHouse.com) has designed a disaster proof $1,700 home with 318 sf, bathroom and mini-kitchen and can build thousands surrounding Food & Water Domes, School, Medical Clinic and other infrastructure provides all basic needs to elevate people out of poverty in these Cure4Hunger Sanctuary Cities.

12. What Markets Do You Serve?

Cure4Hunger can grow more per square foot in recorded history and has identified five main market categories applicable in more than 50,000 commercial revenue applications:

1) Food and Garden Nursery Buyers: Receive 20% off their last three-year average price for any crop listed on our Top 270 List plus thousands of plants, trees, flowers for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmeceuticals applications. To qualify the buyer must be large regional or national processing facility, grocery store, fast food or dining restaurant, hotel, cruise line, or garden centers for flowers, plants, and trees. Cure4Hunger provides the customer a 10-year price protection based on building the dome(s) near the customer’s distribution warehouse facilities. Cure4Hunger commits 90% of its portion of the profits to build new Food and Water Domes in famine regions with School and Medical Domes added within 18-24 months.

2) Sponsors: Receive national or global return on sponsorship in more than 150 countries.
When a sponsor funds a one or more new C4H Food and Water Dome(s) from $1.5M to $13.5M each, the domes will feature the sponsor’s name and logo in perpetuity of the dome(s) life. Cure4Hunger will freely give 100% of all food and water to those in need, for the life of the dome.

3) Charities 501(c)3: Receive 20% IN PERPETUITY for all domes(s) they fund. Unlike sponsors, all charities approved by C4H can nominate a dome locally or in a specific city, town or rural area where famine resides and receive 20% LIFETIME REVENUE of allocated Money Domes in exchange for funding C4H Humanitarian Dome. Each dome feeds 50,000 + local residents daily 365 days a year.

4) Farmers: Farmers and equity groups may fund the construction of domes in exchange for 50% of the profit from the sale of the resulting produce. Cure4Hunger will maintain the remaining 50%. Many farmers will qualify for financing of the construction and equipment of domes.

In keeping with its mission, Cure4Hunger commits 90% of its profits to building Humanitarian Food and Water Domes with 100% of all harvest provided at no charge to famine regions in 150 nations.

How can farmers collaborate with Cure4Hunger?
Cure4Hunger is PRO FARMER… Farmers will soon be able to apply for C4H Commercial Domes to receive 50% ownership in perpetuity. Many farmers are struggling to survive due to Mother Nature not complying with optimal growing weather conditions such as drought, flood, freeze, insect infestation, livestock cross contamination and much more. Cure4Hunger Domes are the solution to all farmers. One acre with a C4H Dome built on it can grow pure organic crops equally to 4,500 acres of a farmer’s property.C4H Farming Banks can for the first time in history, loan money to farmers that ensures harvests daily thus able to pay back their loans. Since domes produce their own water and power, and are unaffected by weather variations, pests, and natural disaster, farmers will realize a substantial increase in profit as well as a consistent revenue stream.

Additionally, for every dome that a farmer owns 50%, the other 50% owned by Cure4Hunger, 90% of profits goes towards building C4H Humanitarian Domes in famine regions, freely giving all food and water harvested to locals in need.

5) Governments: 150+ Nations in good standing with the U.S. State Department may work with Cure4Hunger to benefit from a wide variety of revenue streams from the following agencies: Department of Agriculture, State Department, Department of Defense (Military Bases), Food Programs, etc., providing significant food security for their citizens while reducing costs.