Water Domes

Cure4Hunger Water Atmospheric Generators have three systems that give 100% of all fresh drinking water harvested to the people in need. All water comes from the air with 20% or more humidity in the atmosphere and is powered by solar technology or uses natural gas at 1/3 the cost of electricity in little sunlight regions. These systems HARVEST 1,320 TO 5,000 GALLONS PER DAY.

C4H Atmospheric Water Generator



  • Production Capacity: 10000L per day (30ºC/65%HR)
  • Power Supply: 380V/50Hz 3Phase
  • Input Power: 200kW
  • Compressor Power Consumption: 45 kW x 4
  • Working Conditions: Temp. 0-38ºC Humidity: 30%-90%
  • Internal Water Storage Capacity: 110L
  • Weight: 9800Kg
  • Noise Level: <79dB
  • Size(m): L 12.192 x W 2.44 x H 2.895
  • Energy Required: 0.43kWh/liter

3 Models:

  • 1,320 Gallons Daily
  • 2,640 Gallons Daily
  • 5,000 Gallons Daily

Water Atmospheric System Reports:

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Dubai
  3. Bahrain
  4. Australia
  5. Los Angeles
  6. South Africa
Cure4Hunger Water Atmospheric Generators are currently used in several countries. Cure4Hunger Food and Water Domes is the only company in the world using 100% of all water from the atmosphere. State of the art filtration system and purification are designed to provide the same PH levels for all Cure4Hunger Fruit and Vegetable Domes without having to rely on any local water source. Here are seven cities that currently use the technology including lab and test results.